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♥ NAE ♥
16 August 2010 @ 06:34 pm


i think it's like some blogcrew, but the blogcrew only if you became true friends with me.

how can I claim my ichiban and become my TRUE FRIENDS?
it's very simple!

1. add me, than comment on here, make sure that you've already listed me as your friend, tell me that you've already add me, than tell me about your ichiban and who do you want to claim, I'll reply in here and you've to waiting my approving :D and I'll adding you back

2. if you are already my mutual friends? just comment here and tell who do you want to claim, and wait for my approving before paste the code on your profile

3. unlimited claiiim yeeey!

4. you can chage your ichiban, comment me and tell me that you want to change your ichiban

5. this blogcrew it's related to my idol, but if you have others idol who not write on this entry just comment me your ichiban full name, and they group (if they have) and i'll write your iciban name on this entry :D

6. If you are a Boy you can add me too! and tell your woman ichiban here. This journal can be added by fangirl or fanboy! fell free to add me and become my mutual friend :D

for your information ...
I already claim Yabu Kota as my Ichiban xD...

after you've approving by me paste the code bellow in your profile

<body link="#0033FF">
<font face= "arial" font color= "ff69ae" size= "1">
  <font color="#68f28d"><b>write your name here</b></font> has become <font color="#ffd073"><b>write your ichiban name here</b></font> </br>
  <a href="http://turtlepark.livejournal.com/3541.html#cutid1"><font color="#FF3300" font size="1">True Friends</font></a> and True Love since <font color="#CC0066">write the date that I've approving you</font><font color="#000000"></br>
  I promise I'll Love him as he promise me to love me </br>
  <font color="#330099"><b>write some love phrases that you want your ichiban said it to you</b></font>  </br></font>

so want to become my true friends? Inoo, Ryutaro & Takaki already did it xDD...

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♥ NAE ♥
08 December 2009 @ 12:15 am
berhubung saya lagi kekurangan dana heheheh....jadi mo jualan neeh~

1. Hey! Say! JUMP Single - Dreams Come True [LIMITED EDITION]
kondisi : 100% bagus, cm harganya udah sobek (dan ditempel ulang) ga pernah dimaenin sejak pertama kali beli

PRICE : Rp. 210.000

2. Uchiwa Takaki Yuya (1st con)
kondisi : lengkap sama plastik"nya, belum rusak dan masih mulus.

PRICE : Rp. 190.000

harga tesebut diatas udh termsk ongkir (buat yang rumahnya di jakarta)
bwt yang diluar jakarta tambah ongkir lagi 10.000

bagi yang berminat, bisa sms langsung ke 08998260034

sankyuuu ^^

yupz~ just a quick update and indonesia entry. sorry guys ^^